‘Tyler the Donut Boy’ makes stop in East Tennessee to thank police officers

"Tyler the Donut Boy" delivered sweet treats to the Pigeon Forge Police Department.

PIGEON FORGE (WATE) – A 9-year-old boy on a special mission to thank every police officer in America made a stop in East Tennessee on Friday.

Tyler Carach, also known as “Tyler the Donut Boy”  thanked Pigeon Forge police officers for their service with a special treat – a doughnut. This was just one of many stops on Tyler’s six week road trip to thank officers everywhere. The idea was born last August.

“I was in Florida at this local store with my mom. I saw four cops and asked if I could buy them mini doughnuts. And I did and when I left I said I want to thank every cop in America,” said Tyler.

“When we left, he was asking me why the cops were so happy over something that was just a snack because he gets snacks all the time. Not a big deal. So we had a conversation and I explained that cops are having a really hard time right now and that there’s a lot of people in the world who choose to judge a whole by a few,” said his mom Sheena Carach.

Sheena Carach said she never dreamed it would turn into everything it has. Since August Tyler has given out over 7,000 doughnuts. He plans to give out another 10,000 donuts over the next four weeks while visiting around 38 police departments.

“He had a very specific mission and dream and he’s just been doing it,” said Sheena Carach. “We’re from a little teeny tiny town where there is absolutely nothing there. We have one corner store, the corner store where he met the original four cops and so we have never saw it turning into everything that it has, but it has just been incredible, but the officers really love it and it is really great to see grown men get excited, you know, over something simple.”

Tyler’s mother used to serve as a police officer and Tyler says officers are his best friends. He says he wants to be a K-9 officer when he grows up.

Click here to donate to Tyler’s doughnut fund

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