Runaway pets found at animal shelter after Fourth of July

KNOXVILLE (WATE) — With noisy Fourth of July festivities, animal control is bringing a lot of lost pets to Young Williams Animal Center. The animal shelters says animals are terrified by fireworks and tend to run away from home.

“That loud noise that sounds like a cannon going off immediately scares them,” said Courtney Kilman, the marketing coordinator of Young Williams Animal Center.

Every year on the day after the Fourth of July, the shelter sees a high intake of animals spooked by the sounds of fireworks.

“Pets are afraid of fireworks so what happens is they will try to escape and find a safe haven and a safe place when they hear those loud noises,” said Kilman.

Summer months are already hard on the local shelter. Kilman says they are almost at capacity.

Now, even more dogs and cats are waiting to be picked up. Since Saturday, 74 animals have been taken in.

“Animal control officers brought in a pet that was actually inside a home safe, but heard the fireworks and escaped and got injured and cut by glass,” said Kilman. “The dog is doing fine now, but we have had cases like that.”

Lost animals go straight to the shelter and if the dog is micro chipped or licensed, it’s easy to find their owner. However, Kilman says most strays don’t even have a collar with tags on it, which makes it difficulty to contact the owner. That’s why she says time is of the essence. On average, pets are put up for adoption within 3 days if they’re not micro-chipped.

“If you currently own a pet and you don’t have it micro-chipped, always remember that’s their ticket home,” said Kilman.

One of the best ways to reunite with a lost pet, is to look for them in the kennels.

“We’ll check people in and then we’ll walk through every single dog room we have in the building, and every single cat room, depending on what they’re missing,” said Kilman.

If you don’t find your pet, shelter staff recommend putting up flyers, posting on social media and staying positive.

“If you’ve lost your pet, don’t give up. Keep checking every other day,” said Kilman.

Kilman also recommends checking Young-Williams Animal Center’s website for lost and found pets.


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