2 arrested in large drug bust in Cocke County

(source: Cocke County Sheriff's Department)

COSBY (WATE) – Two people were arrested and a large amount of drugs recovered after a bust Sunday in Cocke County.

Michelle Selena Acosta, 21, of San Francisco; and Lance William Logan, 29, of Oregon, were taken into custody after the Cocke County Sheriff’s Department served a search warrant at Front Porch Business on Cosby Highway. Both are charged with several counts of possession and distribution of drugs.

Officers found around 503 ecstasy tablets, 0.67 ounces of hashish, 951 doses of lysergic acid, 0.55 ounces of an unidentified brown powder, 0.12 ounces of suspected MDMA, 0.38 ounces of confirmed MDMA, around 27 Tramadol tablets, 108.1 grams of marijuana, various drug paraphernalia and $1,540 in cash.

Deputies say both suspects resided in the living quarters of the business, which was being used as a front to distribute illegal narcotics.

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