Escaped capybara captured in Monroe County

(source: Cleve Tedford via TWRA)

VONORE (WATE) – The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency helped capture an escaped capybara in Monroe County.

TWRA says it often receives calls about unusual animals like cougars, coyotes or even pterodactyls and sasquatch that turn out to be false, so when they received one about a capybara, the world’s largest rodent, normally native to South America, they thought it would turn out the same way. That is, until the person who spotted the animal, a frequent visitor of the Tellico Wildlife Management Area, sent them a photo on June 19.

TWRA immediately started calling zoos and other institutions looking for a home, knowing finding a capybara in the wild was a once in a lifetime occurrence.

Meanwhile, another officer was working on inspection of the Citico Wildlife Wilderness, about five miles away from the Tellico WMA, where the owner said a capybara had escaped through a drainage pipe during recent rains. It became immediately obvious what had happened.

Tellico WMA employees spotted the animal again and were able to trap it and take it home.


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