Scott County boy saves bloodhound from culvert

ONEIDA (WATE) – A 10-year-old boy went head first after a 6-month-old bloodhound named Smoky who was trapped in a culvert. Of course, the community chipped in as well. The rescue was all caught on cell phone video.

Smoky’s owner, Stephanie Seals, said her dog is a curious pup. This past weekend, he ran away from home and got himself into a little trouble.

“Somehow managed to crawl into this culvert. I didn’t know if he was hurt at the time or if he was scared,” said Seals.

It was a terrifying situation for her. Smoky was stuck in the hole for hours. She said he was at one point 20 feet from the end of the culvert. While crammed under the hot pavement, first responders tried to help with no luck. Seals then called her veterinarian, Elizabeth Burress.

“It was a hot day and humid, and certainly not a comfortable condition,” Burress said.

Burress brought her nephew, George Kline, 10. He volunteered to help save Smoky.

“That was my chance to help somebody,” Kline said.

He helped by bravely squeezing into the tight hole. He tried a few times without any luck. Then, he wrapped a cable around Smoky’s leg and helped pull him out. The lucky bloodhound reunited with his owner because of one boy’s bravery.

“It makes me feel really good about my self,” Kline said.

“Without George’s help, I would not have the happy ending that I’ve got right here,” said Seals.


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