VIDEO: 1 injured, pickup truck catches fire in Knoxville

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – One person was injured when a pickup truck caught on fire in Knoxville Friday morning.

The fire was reported on Cedar Lane at Haynes-Sterchi Road around 8:15 a.m.  Investigators say Amanda Boyd was driving her 2004 Chevy Silverado when she lost control near Windsor Court. The driver hit a tree and the truck caught on fire.

Boyd was saved from the fire and has severe injuries, including burns. She was transported to UT Medical Center. Investigators say charges are pending.

Neighbors say several people rushed to save the woman from the burning vehicle.

“It was on fire, you could see the flames everywhere,” said Brian Flatford, a resident at the apartment complex where the crash happened.

A woman became trapped inside the burning vehicle, struggling to get out on her own. That’s when witnesses saw a man jump in the fire to rescue her.

“The guy was in there hollering the girls name, finally pulled her out,” said Flatford.

Brian Flatford came out of his apartment, after hearing a loud bang. Without hesitation, he rushed to the fire, to lend a hand.

Flatford said, “I just helped pull her off to the side, get her away from it.”

Thanks to the efforts of people nearby, the Knoxville Fire Department says the woman made it out of the blaze with only minor burns and injuries. While many are relieved to see a positive outcome, this crash is now raising concerns with neighbors.

Flatford said, “It happens here all the time.”

Neighbors are not surprised to see something like this happen where they live. Because here at this intersection and just around this corner, they tell me they witness people driving by here every single day, at high rates of speed.

“They fly around this curve. It’s a bad area,” said Flatford.

Cedar Lane and Haynes Sterchi Road is a very busy intersection, with one car after another passing by. Neighbors nearby say there are a lot of wrecks there. They’re hoping the city will consider putting in speed bumps to slow down traffic.

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