Cancer survivor graduates from Knoxville’s South College pharmacy program

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Students graduated from South College’s School of Pharmacy on Friday morning. Among those walking the stage was a cancer survivor who overcame the obstacles put in his path to get his degree, without even taking time off from his education.

Jordan Lee was diagnosed with testicular cancer in February 2016. The news came only two months after his wife learned she was pregnant with their first child, and in the middle of his three year track at pharmacy school.

Lee decided to continue with his full course load as he went through three rounds of chemotherapy and two surgeries to remove the cancerous cells.

He’s now celebrating his graduation and one year of being cancer free.

“I think the biggest challenge was… just keeping up with the pace, even when I had to take my own personal time off, keeping up with everybody and staying on track through the chemo and surgeries and everything. That was probably the hardest thing, and then balancing that with my family life,” Lee said.

Lee says his wife Leah and his new daughter Addilyn are a big part of why he was able to push through a hard second year of pharmacy school.


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