12 indicted in marriage fraud scheme in Sevier County and North Carolina

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (WATE) – Twelve people have been indicted in North Carolina for allegedly being part of a marriage fraud ring in which people would come to Sevier County, as well as Swain and Jackson counties in North Carolina, to get married – in order to help people become legal citizens.

Named in the indictment are: Ruth Marie Sequoyah McCoy, Timothy Ray Taylor, Golan Perez, Ofir Marsiano, Kaila Nikelle Cucumber, Jessica Marie Gonzalez, Jordan Elizabeth Littlejohn, Kevin Dean Swayney, Ilya Dostanov, Ievegenii Reint, Shaul Levy, and Yana Peltz.

Each faces varying counts of marriage fraud and conspiracy to commit marriage fraud.

Investigators say McCoy would work to find legal United States citizens while Marsiano and Perez worked to locate people wanting to become legal citizens. Those people would cross state lines to meet in Sevier County to marry, or would meet in other locations in North Carolina.

Some reportedly paid upwards of $3,000 for fraudulent weddings to become legal citizens.




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