Neighbors beg Maryville city leaders to make homeowner clean up lawn

MARYVILLE (WATE) – A number of homeowners in one Maryville neighborhood say they have had enough. The problem is that one homeowner isn’t taking care of his yard.

Neighbors on David Lane say they’ve started petitions and called the city repeatedly asking them to have the homeowner mow his front lawn. The grass and weeds have grown to more than 4 feet tall in some parts.

“Everybody who drives down this street stops and takes pictures or they slow down in unbelief of what they see,” said neighbor Bob Shamblin.

Many who live in the neighborhood say they’ve asked Maryville city leaders where to go and find the homeowner help. The homeowner has been cited more than 100 times and was ordered to have his grass cut by April 28, but that didn’t happen.

“This gentleman is not sick. He’s not disabled. He works. He doesn’t like anyone on his property,” said neighbor David Wormsley.

Maryville has an ordinance about property management, which notes grass or weeds cannot be taller than 12 inches. One part of the lawn and the weeds reached roughly 52 inches, higher than four feet.

“There’s all kind of sanitation issues, health issues, there’s even fire issues,” said Shamblin.

At one time, the city says the homeowner had about $1,500 worth of citations. The city’s next step is requesting to garnish his wages.

No one answered the door at the home. Neighbors say they feel like they have to live here.

“Our property got devalued by about $10,000,” said Shamblin.

They hope the city can come up with some kind of plan to clear up this problem.

“It’s embarrassing. We just want an end to it,” added Shamblin.

A city court hearing will be held on Tuesday for the homeowner’s violations.

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