Memphis community group pushes for removal of Confederate statue

(Photo: WATN)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WATN) – A community group in Memphis are pushing for the removal of a Confederate statue.

The statue of Nathaniel Bedford Forrest is located in Health Science Park.

“During the war, General Forrest was just a military genius,” said Lee Miller with the local Sons of Confederate Veterans camp. “He’s got a variety of aspects but he was always a hero to Memphis.”

Activist Tami Sawyer disagrees.

“These were statues that were built to say, ‘We want to hold onto this antebellum south where the White man rose and black people or lesser than,'” said Sawyer.

Organizers held a meeting at Bruce Elementary on Tuesday. More than 250 people were in attendance. Some signed online petitions asking for the removal and spread the message on social media by using the hashtag “#TakeEmDown901.”

The statue is a part of a headstone. Gen. Forrest and his wife are buried underneath, therefore it is protected by Tennessee cemetery law.

However, the community group hopes to find a creative solution for a removal.

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