Family reacts to 3 shooting deaths in Oak Ridge

OAK RIDGE (WATE)- A family is still in shock after three of their loved ones were found dead inside their Oak Ridge home.

Chelsea Kessel, and Michael and Tessa Deuschle each had a single gunshot wound.

Police went to the home to perform a welfare check. When officers arrived, there was no answer. However, they saw what appeared to be a victim on the floor.

Currently, police are looking to see if Michael Deuschle shot the women before turning the gun on himself.

“It makes no sense at all,” said Tessa Deuschle’s daughter Sierra Thomas.

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Thomas said her new reality feels more like a dream. Tessa and Micheal Deuschle were divorced but lived together to take care of their daughter, Kessel. Kessel had a rare neuro-genetic disorder.

“I was in full blown panic mode. It was really awful,” she said. “Everything just crashed down and I felt really hopeless at that point.”

Thomas said she stayed over at the home every so often. She stopped by the house the morning before they were found. She said she thought they were sleeping.

“I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I mean, I just glanced and you know the next day all this stuff happened,” she said.

Thomas said Michael Deuschle got along with her mom. She said she didn’t see any warning signs.

“I just don’t feel that’s reality for the simple fact you know when he saw his daughter, he had that look every parent has when they look at their child,” said Thomas.

If police confirm Mike Deuschle killed her mother and sister, Thomas said she’ll be able to forgive him over time.

“I’ll be a little upset at him but I won’t hate him,” she said

Thomas said Michael Deuschle’s family is in town and they are shocked by the news. His son is not taking the news well, according to Thomas.

Thomas said the unanswered questions make the grieving process much more difficult.

The families created online fundraising pages to help with the funeral costs of Chelsea Kessler and Tessa Deuschle: and


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