Governor Haslam not endorsing candidate in primary


NASHVILLE (WATE) – Governor Bill Haslam, like many other Tennesseans, has been watching the field of gubernatorial candidates.

“I am an interested observer like everyone else, I do not have a favorite, I won’t be endorsing anyone in the primary,” said Governor Haslam when asked about a favorite in the governor’s race.

Haslam says almost every potential candidate, including some of the Democrats, have asked him for advice. He says going through an almost 2-year campaign is a laborious, difficult and emotional process.

“There are a lot of things that I learned during that process just as a human being that you can share that don’t impact the politics of it,” said Haslam. “It is a physically grueling process that has a certain personal vulnerability that takes most people a while to get used to.”

While the governor may not have a favorite in the race he says he hopes his successor will continue the education reforms often credited with a rise in Tennessee school rankings.

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