Boat or car? This driver has a license for both.

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, Tenn. (WATE) – Tennesee Wildlife Resources Agency saw something unusual over the weekend: what appeared to be a car driving on the water.

TWRA says Sullivan County Wildlife Resources Officer Todd Weaver spotted the vehicle at Fort Patrick Henry at Warrior’s Path State Park, which is just south of Kingston. He inspected the craft and it is registered as both a car and a boat in Illinois and possesses the required boating safety equipment.

The amphibious vehicle appears to have been manufactured by “WaterCar,” according to TWRA. The amphibious Jeep look-alike can hit 65 miles per hour on land and reach 45 miles per hour on the water, according to WaterCar.

Their consumer amphibious vehicle, The Panther, will set you back about $155,000. According to their website, it takes about 15 seconds to transform from road to water. Drivers just need to put the transmission in neutral, pull a nob that engages the jet and push a button to raise the wheels hydraulically.

WaterCar even makes a Fire Rescue Vehicle for firefighters that includes a water pump and siren. The car’s on-board pump delivers 1,050 gallons of water per minute.

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