Athens couple’s pool installation delayed weeks after purchase

ATHENS, Tenn. (WATE) – A couple in Athens was waiting for their pool to be installed after a major delay. The installer dug a hole in their backyard early in May and then left it dry for weeks.

“Well, we see an empty hole here that got started here about a month and a half ago,”  said Dan Olthoff. ” We bought this home. That was one of the first things we were going to do was put in a pool,” said Suzanne Olthoff.

The couple was expecting to have their 24-foot Cypress pool in their back yard within a month after buying it.

“We can’t get no answers out of nobody why it’s not here, why it’s not done,” said Dan.

They bought the pool from the Great Back Yard Place, formally known as the Pool Place, in Maryville for a cost of $5,812.

It was purchased on April 3. The couple then paid another $1,400 dollars to have the hole dug and the pool installed.

The pool was delivered weeks ago in pieces. However, it sat in boxes that became moldy alongside their house. The couple called the pool company manager last month about the delay.

“I said, Duane, he was the salesman I bought it from at the Great BackYard, He said, be patient, be patient, patient. Why? Why?” said Dan.

Suzanne continued, “We were told that the liner being in a box like that was not good.”

The couple said they continued to ask for weeks when will the pool pieces be installed.

“I keep getting told: be patient, be patient, be patient. I just don’t know how patient I can be,” said Dan.

WATE 6 On Your Side’s investigative reporter Don Dare called the pool company. Manager Duane Idol picked up.

“They purchased a pool from you in April, it’s not here,” said Don Dare. “Would you tell us what has happened to the pool?”

“No, I was under the impression it was there,” said Idol.

We said there was no pool in the yard and that it had been delivered but not set up. The manager said he’ll call the installer immediately.

“I don’t know why the company doesn’t keep up with this stuff going on … to make sure these pools are being installed,” said Dan.

A day after the call, the pool was set up.

The installer “dropped the ball,” the pool company manager told us. He said, “We apologized” to our customers and we “want to make them happy.”

The Olthoffs said they’re pleased we made the call.

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