How to avoid being the victim of a scam

JOPLIN, Mo. (KSN) – Knowing the signs for phone and door-to-door scams can save you or your loved one from a lot of trouble.

Elderly residents should be aware that they are the most frequently targeted for scams.

“Many seniors, not all, they don’t like to hang up on people or they consider it to be somewhat rude, so they will try to explain or get into conversations with people on the phone,” explained Allision Riddle with the Area Agency on Aging.

Police say be weary if a caller gives you news that may seem too good to be true, like winning a prize or inheriting unexpected money.

Scammers often call saying a family member is in trouble and needs you to send money to help.

Door-to-door soliciting also becomes more common in the summer-time or after a damaging storm.

“Typically, those companies that are coming door-to-door, you should check them and see if they have a business license and see if they have references,” added Joplin Captain of Professional Standards Trevor Duncan.

Life insurance and Medicare companies will typically never call your residence.

“You know their Medicare number, their Social Security number, their checking account information, a lot of that a lot of people fishing for that information are simply calling on the phone,” said Riddle.

If you have a family member or close friend that is a senior, consider looking at their financials to check for suspicious withdrawals.

“And if you have any doubts about somebody’s reason for being at your house or feel that something is just not right, it probably isn’t,” Duncan continued. “And you can always call the police department so that we can come out and just make sure that everything is on the up and up.”

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