Maryville father leads by example

MARYVILLE (WATE) – Often times attributes involved with becoming an effective leader parallel good parenting skills.

Adriel McCord is one of four Knoxville-area men who will be honored at the annual Father’s Day luncheon hosted by the Beta Theta Boule Foundation. His colleagues say he is someone known around First Tennessee bank as someone who’ll take time to let younger employees look over his shoulder.

“He can relate because he started like I did, as a teller, and worked his way up. So, he’s just been that person I can go to for advice,” said financial services representative Megan Seaton.

Adriel McCord played basketball in the 90s, before rising from bank teller to one vice president at First Tennessee.

“As I told her, come and do the job that you’re asked to do and if you do well at it, somebody will notice that, so you don’t have to come in and tell everybody what you’re going to be,” said Adriel McCord. “Basically, if you do the job you’ve gotta do, you’ll actually get that opportunity to do that.”

It is advice he shares with his 12-year-old son, Jayden, who loves to visit his dad at work. Adriel McCord and his wife, Nichole, were raised by single moms in their first years of life.”

“We both didn’t see our fathers every day and it was very hard for Jayden to hear those stories,” said Nichole McCord. “He finds it hard to believe. ‘You didn’t see your dad every single day?’ and we’re like, ‘no we didn’t.'”

Adriel McCord credits his stepfather with his ‘make every moment count’ mentality.

“My stepdad was the one who was actually there for me; laid the foundation for why I want to be so involved in my son’s life,” said Adriel McCord. “For me to get the opportunities I have and to actually share those with other people to help them seize the moment, that’s what I try to do.”

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