Customers say Knoxville pool cleaner ripped them off

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The owner of a new pool cleaning business in Knoxville has angered quite a few people. When the company started in April, it got lots of customers, but now many of them are complaining about their service.

Six people called WATE 6 On Your Side with the same story that the pool cleaner only showed up once or twice. Cleaning a pool takes time and there’s also a cost involved with the chemicals needed to keep the water clear and clean.

Knoxville Pool Cleaning offered a half-off early bird special in early May on Facebook. Several people paid in advance for the service, but received little for their money.

Buster Martin paid a man to clean his South Knoxville pool this summer. Yet, Martin has had to clean his backyard pool every week himself.

In Lenoir City, the water in Connie Garner’s pool is green with the chlorine and pH levels incorrect. She can’t swim in the water. Yet, she too paid to have her pool maintained this summer.

Both Martin and Garner hired Arron Shaw to do the work. He owns and operates Knoxville Pool Cleaning. They both signed a contract with Shaw in May and paid upfront.

“I paid $399. That was a season pass, it says 50 percent off. With tax, I paid $435,” said Garner.

“I paid him $434 for the summer to clean my pool and he’s just took off,” said Martin.

Buster Martin paid a man to clean his South Knoxville pool this summer. Yet, Martin has had to clean his backyard pool every week himself.

Martin said Shaw was supposed to put chemicals in the pool and vacuum it once a week all summer.

“He’s blocked my phone calls and he won’t answer me back now,” said Martin.

“The only thing they actually done is dip out some leaves and put them over there on the grass and put one stick of chlorine it. As you can see, the sides are still dirty, you can’t see the bottom,” said Garner.

“I had two agreements with him. One was for cleaning, the second was for the pool cover,” said Derrick Hurley.

In Maryville, Derrick Hurley met Shaw last year when Shaw owned a company known as Knoxville Pools and Spa. Shaw was paid $5,000  to replace a big pool cover at Hurley’s father-in-law’s home in Knoxville.

“The last conversation I had with Arron, he said, ‘Oh, I thought my guys installed that, call me back later today and I’ll get you an update.’ Never answered the phone again,” said Hurley.

Hurley took Shaw to court. Shaw lost, but never paid up.

Hurley has investigated the website for Shaw’s new business, Knoxville Pool Cleaning, and points to the date of the photo of the truck – 2009.

“You basically got Photoshop going on here, where he’s taken a generic looking swimming truck. He’s put his company name on it. The phone number, the URL of the website, wasn’t even formed until March of 2017,” he said.

WATE 6 On Your Side has not been able to reach Shaw.

“I trusted him, I believed him. He encouraged me on the phone that he was going to take good care of me,” said Garner.

“I want my money back. That’s all I want is my money back,” said Martin.

“I’m disappointed in him. I hope he knows Jesus,” Garner said with a laugh.

People found out about Knoxville Pool Cleaning on Facebook, but if it’s a new service, you really don’t know what you are getting. The Better Business Bureau is a good place to turn for information about a company’s reputation, and there are many excellent pool cleaning services in East Tennessee.

Also, when a service asks for money upfront and you have to pay in advance, that’s a red flag. Thing twice before using the service.

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