Knoxville pastor serves as father figure to church family, dad to large family at home

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – WATE 6 On Your Side is shining a spotlight on some great dads in our community as Father’s Day approaches. Pastor Christopher Battle is a father figure to his flock at Tabernacle Baptist Church in East Knoxville, and dad to his big loving family at home.

His wife Tomma recently received the WATE 6 On Your Side Hero Award. Now, it’s Pastor Battle’s turn for some well-deserved recognition.

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Whether it’s providing a watchful eye over his kids’ competitive game of Uno, or just being content to let them expend some energy in a dance routine, Christopher Battle knows there are 13 sets of eyes looking to him for love and guidance.

“I have a house full of children that I love and adore, and I don’t want ever to live in such a way or treat them in such a way that they would be ashamed of me. I’m proud of them, and I want them to be proud of me,” Pastor Battle says.

Six kids are biological and some were foster children, but all are now adopted by the Battles, except for one little boy, the son of a neighbor who loves to visit the big, happy family.

“Kids are our thing. We do kids okay! We kind of have not been perfect, but we love kids, I mean, the first thing is to love them,” said Tomma Battle.

Pastor Battle certainly walks the walk, something he learned from his parents and his wife.

“I had an example of who a good dad is. Secondly, I married up,” he said with a laugh. “I married a God-fearing woman who keeps my feet to the fire, who encourages me, who often thinks more of me than I do myself.”

Pastor Battle is one of four local men who will be honored at the annual Father’s Day luncheon hosted by the Beta Theta Boule’ Foundation. The organization is also presenting scholarships in the name of Zaevion Dobson to some local students.

Beta Theta Boule’ is comprised of local businessmen seeking to provide scholarships to area youth.

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