Morristown businesses take precautions after 4 robberies in weeks

MORRISTOWN (WATE) – Police are continuing to investigate after four businesses have been robbed within a matter of weeks in Morrstown. The latest happened at a motel Sunday, where the suspect was caught on camera but was able to get away.

Business owners say they’re not only worried about getting hit, but they’re taking precautions to make sure they’re not the next to fall victim.

The CVS pharmacy on E. Andrew Johnson Highway was robbed. It’s to College Park Pharmacy.

“It’s really sobering just because you know it could be really dangerous,” said College Park Pharmacist Jacob Cox.

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He says their pharmacy has been tightening up security, checking their surveillance cameras and reminding employees about their safety procedures.

“There’s a duty to protect my employees,” added Cox.

He says he’s been in communication with CVS and the Walgreens pharmacy across the street.

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“First to check in and see how they’re doing, is everyone okay, but as far as like, ‘Hey who should we be looking out for? You know what do you guys do,'” said Cox.

Within a matter of weeks four different businesses within the city have been robbed.

“That’s certainly something that’s not normal for our area,” said Major Michelle Jones with the Morristown Police Department.

Investigators have been able to solve and make an arrest in one of those cases, the robbery at a Shell gas station.

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When it comes to the robberies at CVS, the Deluxe Inn, and the BP gas station, Major Jones says the cases don’t seem to be related.

“We’ve certainly looked at that as our investigators have looked closer at the evidence,” Jones said.

Major Jones says police officers also have a new assignment when on patrol near businesses.

“Stop get out of the car, go inside, talk to these folks and let them know what’s going on.”

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Employees at places like Robert’s Auto Sales, which is across the street from the BP station, have been on edge.

“I watched the video over there the other day at their store and it, it is scary,” said Austin Marion.

Marion says employees are more prepared and the owner has purchased things like mace and tasers to better protect them.

“Now we’re just running scenarios if someone comes in. What we’re going to do,” he added.

Morristown police say the suspects don’t appear to look similar in any way and they’re hoping someone in the community will be able to identify them. Anyone with information should call the Hamblen County Dispatch Center at (423) 585-2701 or the anonymous Morristown Police Department tip line at (423) 585-1833.

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