Plane lands on Interstate 40/65 in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Just before 2:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon, a small aircraft landed near the Nashville Loop (Interstate 40/Interstate 65).

The plane landed near the entrance ramp leading to I-40 westbound near the Jefferson Street exit (mile marker 207).

The pilot suffered no injuries during the incident. A truck loaded the plane up and removed it from the interstate.

Traffic was not blocked, but some slowing occurred as passersby noticed the plane parked in the median.

The plane, itself, was sitting beside the Interstate for hours. Crews had to take it apart and remove it from the scene in pieces.

The pilot of the plane said he was flying a banner when it experienced cylinder failure, and needed to land. The banner that was flying behind the plane was promoting a contest to meet the members of Lady Antebellum.

He had to let go of the banner before landing the plane.

Once the band heard about the incident, they invited the pilot to their show at CMA Fest.

Lady Antebellum had this to say about the incident, and the pilot: “We are very very grateful that everybody is OK, and he obviously is some master of a pilot to be able to land the way that he did. So, just grateful that everybody is okay. I think we invited him. We tracked him down and I think he will be hanging out with us backstage honestly by the bus. (We) tried to get him out here for the show tonight – but yeah we are happy everybody is OK from that.”

A memorable night for the pilot, after all.

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