Dozens compete in region’s first all-women enduro biking race

KNOXVILLE (WATE)–3rd Coast Productions presented Bell Joy Ride Heartbreaker Enduro. The race was the first all women enduro race in the region.

Organizers say around 60 women participated from seven states.

Racers say the all women element made the race more comfortable.

“When you go to a regular race that’s enduro you may have four or five women,” said Sherry Smith.

“I think they’re a little intimidated by, ‘do I really want to race a downhill enduro with a man’, but here it’s okay; Whatever your time is, that you’re just having a good time doing your thing.”

Enduro racing is different from regular mountain bike racing in that it’s done in stages where the downhills are timed and the up-hills are untimed.

“We do race enduro a lot with our group and like we said, we have some new women that are coming and we wanted to really set the stage for a fun day, make it not so serious,” said Terri Watts.

Racer and organizers say this race was great for everyone, regardless of their age or skill level.

“I did pretty good,” said Robin Cook. “I was shocked. I’m 58 years old so why not?”

Organizers say they plan to bring the race back in the future.

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