Meat labeled ‘not for sale’ removed from Knox County breakfast restaurant

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – At the grocery store when you buy dairy products, you likely look at the date mark which lets you know how long the product will stay fresh.

Date marking on food is important at restaurants as well as a means of controlling the growth of Listeria, a bacteria that continues to grow even at refrigerated temperatures.

Don Delfis Pancake House, 120 West End Avenue – Grade: 78

The lowest health inspection grade of the week is at Don Delfis Pancake House in Farragut. A grade below 70 is considered unsanitary by the health department.

At the restaurant, the inspector found ready-to-eat food that was not dated marked properly. Once opened, food must be discarded within seven days.

A food slicer that was supposed to be clean, was dirty and meat that was labeled “not for sale,” was removed from the restaurant.

Also, a chemical bottle was found stored with food. You may do that at home, but it’s not allowed at restaurants.

China Pearl, 115 Brooklawn Street – Grade: 80

The next lowest grade was an 80 at China Pearlin Farragut. Again, that’s a passing score, but critical violations were found.

At the restaurant, carrots, ready to be served to customers, were found on moldy cardboard boxes. Clean utensils were also stored on those dirty cardboard boxes. Also, the inspector writes a food slicer that was supposed to be clean was dirty.

Also, at China Pearl, food temperatures were off. Pork and chicken weren’t cool enough.

Cooked rice was found at 70 degrees. To prevent bacteria growth, the temperature should have been either 135 degrees on the warm end or 41 degrees and below at the cool end of the temperature scale.

Also, no towels were found at an employee hand sink. They’re required. Drip drying hands is not allowed at restaurants.

Web Extra: This week’s full inspection reports [PDF]

Lots of places had excellent health inspection grades this week.

Top scores of the week:

  • Firehouse Subs, 4916 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • McDonald’s, 11205 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Sonic Drive-In, 10704 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Sam & Andy’s West, 11110 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Niro’s Gyros, 1823 Cumberland Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Noodles & Company, 1700 Cumberland Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Sunspot, 2200 Cumberland Avenue – Grade: 100
  • Good Golly Tamale, 112 Ce

Restaurant health inspections are unannounced and they’re conducted every six months.

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