You won’t believe the price of Predators tickets


NASHVILLE (WATE) – From flying catfish to noisy crowds, Smashville fans have spent the last couple of weeks hearing about how amazing the atmosphere is inside the Nashville Predators’ Bridgestone Arena. However, getting the opportunity to experience it is going to cost you.

Games in Nashville have been sold out for weeks, but there are still some tickets on secondary website. According to TicPick, secondary market prices for tickets to the Predator’s game Thursday could cost as much as $1,000 for a ticket in the “nosebleed section” and more than $4,000 for a seat in the lower bowl of the arena. Darren Rovvell with ESPN said he witnessed someone buying three tickets behind the Predators bench for Game 6 in Nashville on StubHub for $30,202, including fees.

In fact, according to Ticket IQ, it may actually be cheaper for Nashville residents to fly to Pittsburgh to attend the game and stay in a hotel than it is to get inside their home arena.

Demand is so high that officials are warning fans to be wary about buying tickets from secondary sources or scalpers, because they may be counterfeit. At least five people have been arrested and charged with selling counterfeit tickets in Nashville.

To prevent counterfeiting, the tickets for the finals are digital-only and were to be distributed to fans’ phones the day before each game — which also means if a fan is sold a paper ticket, it’s likely not the real thing. Crowds are expected to be big for the viewing party of the game in the plaza outside of Bridgestone Arena as well.

The Predators are also planning to add more video boards to the plaza outside Bridgestone Arena to allow more fans to soak in the playoff atmosphere free of charge. Game five is Thursday night in Pittsburgh.


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