VIDEO: Not-so-slick Florida shoplifter tries to steal 15 quarts of oil, discount DVDs in pants

(Polk County Sheriff's Office)

LAKELAND, Fla. (WATE) – The Polk County Sheriff’s Office said a Florida man put bottles of Pennzoil and DVDs in his pants in an attempt to steal them from a 7-Eleven. What he didn’t see was the detective waiting outside in an unmarked vehicle.

The sheriff’s office said Detective Phil Ryan saw William Jason Hall, 38, walk into the store wearing baggy jeans and put 15 quart-sized bottles of Pennzoil into his pants. The detective said he then watched Hall drop several movies from the shelf onto the floor, bend down, stack the DVDs on top of one another.

Surveillance video shows Hall slipping the 30 “Treasure Hunt!” DVDs — one of which was “Lassie: Best Friends Are Forever” down his pants while detective Ryan watched through his window. Hall then waddled out of the store, past the unmarked vehicle and tried to get in his car, according to to the sheriff’s office.

That’s when the sheriff’s office said Detective Ryan said “I don’t think so,” and went up to Mr. Hall and asked him why he had movies and bottles of motor oils in his pants. Hall then waddled his way back into the store.

Hall unloaded items out of his trousers onto the counter. He faces a charge of petit theft, but the sheriff’s office said since this is his third such charge, he was charged with a felony.

“Mr. Hall, the next time you need some motor oil and last-minute gifts,” the sheriff’s office said in their Facebook post, “please pay for them.”

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