Knoxville March For Truth: One peaceful protester’s perspective

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – Peaceful protesters gathered in Krutch Park Saturday for The March For Truth.

Marcher Lee Ann Wolff said she joined the march after the 2016 election left her feeling like she had no desirable options of candidates to support.

“Last August I became a political activist. Before the election I realized I didn’t want to vote for the two main contenders,” Wolff said.

“I wanted an alternative so I found a third party candidate I could get behind. I learned more about American politics since August than I have in my whole life. After the election I wanted to do more, be more aware. Because I had just been living complacently politically for years, decades really. So I joined the women’s march back in January. It was an awesome experience and I joined and they are giving us tips on how to #Resist peacefully, and joyously. I just saw there was a conference in California last week called joyous persistence and that’s what it’s all about. We’re Americans, we’re citizens of the world and we have, luckily in this country, the right to protest peacefully if we disagree with what’s going on… It’s more important than ever that we get an independent commission any potential links to a hostile foreign power. Because congress has the ability to subpoena tax returns from anyone related to this investigation and those tax returns could actually clear anybody of any collusion so I don’t understand why they’re not doing it. So this March For Truth is a group of peaceful protesters who want to let our representatives know that we would like an independent commission. Somebody who can investigate and not be fired by the person they’re investigating because that’s just not fair.”

Marchers carried signs with slogans like “The earth doesn’t have four years,” and “America should not harm others or the earth for self benefit.”

The event concluded peacefully and without incident.

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