Woman drowns, family rescued at Nolichucky River dam

(source: TWRA)

MORRISTOWN, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee woman has drowned trying to free her children and others from a raft caught in the Enka low-head dam on the Nolichucky River in Hamblen County.

The Citizen Tribune of Morristown report 29-year-old Anna Last drowned Thursday afternoon. Morristown Emergency Medical Service Director Danny Houseright says Last’s two children, along with two other children and an adult, were saved.

(source: TWRA)

Last’s body was recovered about a half-mile downstream. Hamblen County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. David Cribley says Last tried to swim the raft to the shore as it approached the dam, but the circulating dam water hampered her efforts. The current eventually pulled her beneath the water.

Officers were able to rescue those trapped on the raft by throwing a lifeline to them and reeling them to shore.

Darlene Hume lost her brother in the same spot six years ago.

She says the spot is a favorite of locals but is too dangerous.

“I wouldn’t recommend nobody come past the big bridge and come this way, especially with children, I would not.”

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