National Senior Fitness Month: How to stay in shape at any age


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – May is National Senior Fitness Month, a month that celebrates the fact that there is no age limit on fitness.

The SilverSneakers program is making it easier for seniors to get access to a gym. The program offers a free gym membership at more than 13,000 locations around the country, as well as fitness classes led by certified instructors.

Bill Regas said he is staying in shape by working out with his personal trainer, April Nitzche. He’s been working out for over a year.

“Well you just feel better and when you’re walking around you do it with pride,” said Bill Regas. “When you’re with your friends sometimes you don’t have to show your muscles to show them that you’re alert and healthy.”

Nitzsche recommends seniors focus on three factors:

  • Cardiovascular health – Exercises can include the recumbent bike or a sit-down elliptical machine
  • Strength – Nitzche said she likes to use exercise bands or cable systems
  • Mobility and flexibility – One of the exercises Nitzche does uses a medicine ball to build core strength


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