VIDEO: Knox County teacher’s priceless reaction after surprise scholarship

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Amy Long, a teacher at Dogwood Elementary, was surprised when on the last day of school she was awarded a scholarship to complete her master’s degree.

Long was called up to receive a check at an assembly during the last day of school. However, the first-grade teacher was so surprised by the presentation she didn’t quite read the entire check.

In an interview after she was given the scholarship, WATE 6 On Your Side asked her how it felt to win the scholarship to Western Governor’s University (WGU).

“I’m just completely floored,” said Long. “I had applied to start my mater’s degree at WGU over the summer and I won a scholarship for $2,000.”

However, Long was so surprised by the presentation she didn’t realize the scholarship was actually for $10,000, which is most of the cost of attendance.

Through tears, Long said she was so grateful for the scholarship. She is going to be getting her master’s degree in elementary mathematics, a subject she says is near and dear to her heart.”

“I have had three children go through Knox County special ed. for various things and the teachers that helped them made me decide that’s what I wanted to do,” said Long. “I just can’t say thank you enough.”

Kimberly Estep, Chancellor of WGU Tennessee, said Long was one of eight people picked out of 336 applicants to receive the scholarship.

“All of our scholarships are given to someone who has merit and has proven that they are good students, but they also have need,” said Estep.

Long says she has two kids in high school that are right behind her going to college, so the scholarship money is much needed.

WGU private non-profit online university for working adults. Governor Bill Haslam announced the creation of WGU Tennessee in January 2013. It was part of his “Drive for 55” plan to bring the college graduation rate of the state up to 55 percent.

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