Tree falls through roof, almost hits Maryville girl

(source: Drinnen family)

MARYVILLE (WATE) – A Maryville family is still recovering after Saturday night’s storms blew a tree in their yard into their home. When it fell, it missed one family member by just a few feet.

“[It sounded like] a bomb going off.” said Alexis Drinnen.

Alexis Drinnen was standing just a few feet from the tree when it fell into the home, through the bathroom wall. She said she started screaming and her parents came to see.

“A first boom, then the second boom was like a hand grenade going off. Like a bomb. The house filled with dust, the old insulation and asbestos dust.” said Dewayne Drinnen.

According to the Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance, inhaling asbestos dust is dangerous because particles can become lodged in the lungs and lead to mesothelioma cancer.

Dewayne Drinnen says they didn’t realize how damaged the house was until the next morning. Rain throughout the night came through the hole in the roof, soaking under the floors of the home.

“We got a motor home so we can stay here for our animals. Take care of them. We can’t leave them. Somebody’s gotta be here. We just see what happens, there ain’t a whole lot you can do. You just have to start over. You just really have to start over.” said Dewayne Drinnen.

The family is staying in a hotel until their home is fixed. Dewayne Drinnen says he’s staying on the property to take care of the animals in the family’s RV.


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