Drone captures West Knox County storm damage

FARRAGUT (WATE) – One of the areas that saw a lot of damage from Saturday night’s storm was West Knox County near Concord Park.

Denny Wren and his drone were out in that area Sunday and Monday, getting a view from above of the damage left behind by winds that were nearly 80 miles per hour.

“I’ve seen a lot of trees, some construction sites that have been damaged, power lines down, street signs down,” Wren said.

Wren is a commercial drone photographer with Visual Ascent Aerial Filming. One of the first places he went after the storms was The Cove at Concord Park.

“It doesn’t take every tree. It’ll take the ones that it needs,” he said.

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His drone captured the aftermath showing large trees uprooted, some snapped in the middle, and power lines dragging on the ground. The cleanup at The Cove begins Tuesday and could take weeks. Damage estimates were still unclear.

There was more damage down the road on Northshore Drive.

“Looks like a one by six by ten feet piece of wood that blew right into the roof,” Wren said standing outside Don Gallo restaurant.

A nearby construction trailer had been blown off its blocks and torn to pieces by the wind.

“I think it tumbled about 40 or 50 feet in the wind,” Wrent said.

Wren has a piece of property on Choto Road and said it was a mess near there too.

“Had to go around probably five or six trampolines that were in the middle of the road, trees down everywhere,” he said.

All that damage will take a while to get cleaned up.

“You have resources here and these people drop everything they’re doing and come out and get people back up and running,” Wren said.

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