Crews clean up Crossville golf course after storms

CROSSVILLE (WATE) – A Crossville golf course was open on Monday, but only nine of the holes were in play. Crews at Lake Tansi Village were busy clearing brush and uprooted trees from the green.

There was a buzz of chainsaws, but not many golfers.

“Fortunately we got to play one side, twice,” said Tom Looney.

The front nine holes were closed because of the mess from Saturday’s storms.

“We had about 30 trees that completely uprooted and about another 20 trees or so that got damaged with either branches or broke in half,” said Matt Phipps with Lake Tansi Golf Course.

Crews started cleaning on Sunday: clearing, chipping and burning the mess of the many trees scattering the course.

“There’s no rhyme or reason to how it hit and the trees that it took down,” said Looney.

Phipps says holes six through nine were the hardest hit on the course.

“This is actually pretty mild compared to the ice storm of 2015 where we had about 400 trees down or damaged. That took about a month worth of clean up,” he said.

The damage from Saturday’s storm shouldn’t take as long, the course should be open within the coming days.

“I think we’re lucky that it’s not any worse than it was. I mean, it’s bad enough as it is but it could’ve been so much worse,” said Looney.

Crews are also removing damaged trees from the 2015 ice storm.

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