Upstate Birds of Prey asks for help after East Tennessee storms


MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – An animal rehabilitation organization asking for help after storms went through East Tennessee.

(Photo: Upstate Birds of Prey)

Upstate Birds of Prey rehabilitates raptors and releases them back into the wild.

The non-profit group works with veterinarians after birds are injured by cars or by falling out of nests.

The organization believes many birds may be injured due to downed trees and power lines that were a result of the storms.

Upstate is asking for additional funding to take care of the animals. It costs $10 a day to feed one bird.

If residents say a bird that has fallen from its nest, do not move it unless it is in danger. Babies can be replaced in the tree if the parents are around.

If the public sees raptors that need help, call the organization at 865-680-9623. Raptors include owls, hawks, eagles and osprey.

The organization reminds the public that the animals can be dangerous.

(Photo: Upstate Birds of Prey)

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