More businesses opening shop in South Knoxville

Employees were excited to hear about more foot traffic coming to the area soon

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Businesses in South Knoxville said they’re booming and employees were excited to hear about more foot traffic coming to the area soon. The City of Knoxville released a timeline for a big project next to Henley Street Bridge. Regal Entertainment Group plans to open its headquarters in September. Next year, luxury apartments and a riverwalk will be open.

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At Honeybee Coffee in South Knoxville, the java is hot and so it its business. The coffee joint opened in January.

“The first month, a line was outside the door every day,” said Mike Hanson.

Hanson began working here on day one. He said this spot has been buzzing ever since.

“It’s been great because you are seeing them come all the way from Chapman or they have had some of our coffee at Sipz Coffee out in Seymour,” he said.

A kitchen just a five minute drive away was also filling orders quickly. SoKno Taco opened a few months ago.

“There is such a strong community here that it deserved and needed a nice restaurant,” said Ryan Steffy, manager of SoKno Taco.

Steffy credited the restaurant’s success to the tight-knit neighborhood.

“The businesses that are coming here are going to learn quickly that the community is strong and will support them,” Steffy said.

Word about that support is getting around. Hanson has already seen several businesses open up nearby since Honeybee Coffee’s opening. Hanson and Steffy said they hope any newcomer respects the people that have lived here.

“If we keep that in mind, than all the businesses have flourished,” said Hanson.

Steffy said SoKno Taco will partner with Alliance Brewing Company to put together a community calendar. It will list every business’ events so customers know what’s going on in the area.

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