Fans, family welcome Chris Blue back to Knoxville after ‘The Voice’ win

ALCOA (WATE) – Dozens of people awaited a Knoxville man’s return home Friday night just days after winning “The Voice.” Chris Blue’s flight arrived at McGhee Tyson Airport around 9:30 p.m.

“It’s unbelievable, you know. We worked so hard. I had to kind of disconnect from everything, disconnect from home, disconnect from people socially because I really wanted to bring something back to the city of Knoxville, and I think I’ve done that,” said Blue.

The flight was delayed for about an an hour and a half, but fans and family stuck it out to welcome the new singing star home.

“Oh honey, I might just faint [when I see him],” said one fan.

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Blue’s hometown fans say they have his performances on repeat, especially their favorites.

Friends and family say although he won “The Voice” in just the last week, he’s been a winner for a lot longer. Blue’s brother P.J. says whether you voted for him or not, everyone is part of the family.

“It was just in us to continue to push him to stay focused. And the best man won. To God be the glory, and with the help of Knoxville and America voting, he was able to pull it out big,” said P.J. Blue.

Members of Blue’s church, Cokesbury United Methodist, say they’re hoping for a post-victory performance, back on the stage where he started as a worship leader.

“Everybody, the love and support has been crazy, and I’m humbled by it,” said Blue.

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