Family of man killed by Knox County deputies says he lived with PTSD

KNOXVILLE (WATE) -The family of the man shot and killed by Knox County deputies earlier this week says he lived with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The family says Albert Gagnier, 74 was a Marine for five years.

Ben Harrington with the Mental Health Association of Knoxville says PTSD is a serious issue.

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“PTSD is related to some traumatic instance that happened with an individual and then that person will experience flashbacks, nightmares, that sort of thing with a whole another source of complication issues,” said Harrington.

There are several symptoms that come with living with PTSD including chronic pain, co-occurring depression, sleep loss, agitation, or anger.

Harrington says every person is different but usually those with PTSD are not normally violent unless something is off with their treatment or medication.

“The can become more symptomatic and it can cause them to react to things because they’ve become more symptomatic.”

PTSD has no time frame for when it could develop after a traumatic event.

“It can start fairly close or can start days, months, years later.”

For help with PTSD you can go to the Mental Health Association’s website.

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