Questions remain after Clinton Walmart shooting suspect charged in second case

Robert K. Myers (Anderson County Sheriff's Office)

CLINTON (WATE) – A Clinton family wants answers after learning the man accused of murdering husband and father Marshal Pinsly is facing an attempted murder charge in another case.

That incident happened on February 8, more than a month and a half before Robert Myers allegedly shot and killed Marshal Pinsly in the Walmart parking lot in Clinton. Pinsly and Meyers were believed to be in a disagreement over child visitation.

Myers has been charged with second degree murder in Pinsly’s case.

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The district attorney says the Walmart shooting in April helped the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office win the first investigation, with the help of the Clinton Police Department. Charges on both cases came more quickly than usual.

“I don’t understand why he hadn’t been arrested before,” said Crystal Pinsly, Marshal Pinsly’s wife.

That question has been bothering Crystal Pinsly. Myers, the suspect in the case in her ex-husband. Grand jury indictments last week led to his arrest. He’s also been charged with attempted first degree murder and kidnapping in a February case that started at Myers’ home in Briceville.

“Unlike television we don’t get DNA results back within a 45 minute show. It takes weeks or sometimes months to be completed. For the officers to have collected their evidence, interviewed necessary witnesses, the laboratory to complete enough of the analysis was really faster than we would normally see,” said District Attorney Dave Clark.

The Walmart shooting helped Clark’s office file charges in the February case just because there was now more evidence against him. The victim told police she was beaten, taken to a remote area off New River Highway, shot, and left for dead. The victim went into a home near New River Highway. The homeowner called 911 and she was treated for injuries, including a gunshot wound.

“We have to make sure particularly, in an important case like this, that the case is properly prepared – all of the evidence necessary for conviction is collected, and ready to be presented because the state gets one shot at a defendant. The constitution prevents us from trying a person a second time,” said Clark.

Crystal Pinsly says she feels safer knowing Myers won’t be able to come near her kids, but it doesn’t bring her husband back.

Myers is being held at the Anderson County Detention Center with an arraignment scheduled for Friday.

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