Door-to-door frozen food company makes things right with Maryville couple

MARYVILLE (WATE) – The operator of a frozen food business has delivered on his promise to help a Maryville couple after they were cheated by the original salesman, who has now been fired.

Barbara Bakelaar and her husband John received $400 that was promised and delivered to them by the owner of T&T Deliveries out of Knoxville.

“The owner of T&T Meats called me and said he wanted to make the situation right,” said Barbara Bakelaar. “He called and said would I consider taking cash, instead of the meat. I said, yes. He said he would wire us $400.”

“I’m very pleased that a businessman would stand behind his business, his business name and do what was right,” said John Bakelaar.

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Earlier this month, the couple explained how frozen food had been put in their garage freezer by a door-to-door salesman nearly six weeks ago. The couple had bought food from salesman Randy Morris before with no issues, but this time Barbara Bakelaar says the amount of food purchased did not match what they received or what they had paid Mr. Morris – $498.

“I didn’t know about the situation until you called me. Randy left a generic receipt,” said T&T owner Ray Shaffer.

Shaffer said when he found out what former salesman Randy Morris had done to the couple, he called to make things right and to make them happy.

“They trusted our company even though Randy was the representative. They trusted my company to let somebody come in to do business with them. They were taken advantage of, so I made it right,” Shaffer said.

“I’m happy we got the money back, but I’m not pleased that Randy Morris is not held accountable for this,” said Barbara Bakelaar.

She said she never heard from Randy Morris. Shaffer said he was fired some time ago.

Shaffer said if you buy frozen food from a door-to-door salesperson, make sure it’s delivered all at one time.

“When they go to buy meat out of a truck, whatever the guy has and shows them, that’s what they are purchasing. If the guy says, ‘I’m going to bring something back,’ don’t do that,” said Shaffer.

Many salespeople now have devices which read credit cards and checks.

“We run all our business through this – the checks, credit cards. Even if it is a cash deal, make sure you get a receipt,” said Shaffer.

The Bakelaars are satisfied with T&T Deliveries and the promise the owner made to them.

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