3 locations added to Knoxville Heritage’s ‘Fragile 15’ list

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Knoxville Heritage added three buildings to its most endangered places in Knox County.

The Standard Knitting Mill, First Friends Church and Lucky Inn were added to the list of 15 places.

  1. Standard Knitting Mill, 1400 Washington Avenue
  2. Estabrook Hall, 1012 Estabrook Road
  3. Knoxville College Historic District, 901 Knoxville College Drive
  4. Fort Sanders House and Grocery, 307 18th Street
  5. Rule High School, 1901 Vermont Avenue
  6. Sanitary Laundry, 625 N. Broadway
  7. First Friends Church, 2100 Washington Avenue
  8. The Eugenia Williams House, 4848 Lyons View Pike
  9. Burlington Commerical District
  10. Lucky Inn, 4625 Asheville Highway
  11. The Sterchi Mansion/Stratford, 809 Dry Gap Pike
  12. The Paul Howard House, 2921 N. Broadway
  13. The Joseph Knaffl House, 3738 Speedway Circle
  14. Greyhound Bus Station, 100 E. Magnolia Avenue
  15. French Board River Corridor

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