Tennessee State Trooper helps sick man, prevents tragedy

(THP photo)

KNOXVILLE. Tenn. (WATE) – The Tennessee Highway Patrol gave a shout out to one trooper who likely saved one man’s life and prevented a tragedy on the road.

According to the Tweet, Trooper Mark Woerdeman was on his way home for the night when he noticed someone driving erraticly on Highway 64 near Pulaski Highway.

Trooper Woerdeman was concerned the driver may be intoxicated so he pulled them over.

Inside the vehicle he found a man who was slurring his words and sweating. The driver said he was on his way home in Pulaski, but he was driving the wrong direction.

The Tweet goes on to state Trooper Woerdeman also noticed medial equipment inside the car. He realized the man was not intoxicated, but may be suffering a medical emergency so he called an ambulance.

Medics determined the driver was a diabetic and his sugar had reached a critical level.

Tennessee Highway Patrol said of the incident, “A vehicle crash or medical episode was imminent. This is one of the many examples of how troopers are serving their community daily. All of us are very proud of Trooper Woerdeman and his actions.”

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