Gatlinburg fire victims put on special needs prom in Sevierville

SEVIERVILLE (WATE) – The Maurice family lost their home in the November Gatlinburg wildfires, including more than 200 dresses they collected of special needs prom. That prom took place on Friday night. Daughter Hannah Maurice said it would not have been possible without generous strangers from all over the country stepping in.

“It’s such a blessing that people volunteer and put this all on for her,” said Lena Sprowl, a parent at the prom.

Sprowl’s daughter, Sarah Sprowl, went to the event along with 30 other middle and high school students with disabilities. For a night, they get to feel like any other kid. The students got their hair and makeup done. The girls got to pick out their own prom dress. Maurice collected more than 500 of them. She gave back after she lost so much.

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“People gave so much to us when we had nothing, so I feel like now that I actually have something that I should give back to the community that helped me,” Maurice said.

That outpouring of support made Friday night happen. It’s an event personal to Hannah Maurice. Her sister has special needs.

“Sometimes, they just don’t feel like they can have as much fun at regular prom,” said Maurice.

Maurice gave these students an unforgettable night even after one of her worst.

“We just pray that they be blessed too, all the volunteers,” said Sprowl.

Maurice and her family still live in Sevier County. This is the second time Maurice has put on the event. She said she plans to do it again next year.

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