Inspector finds dirty equipment, improperly stored food at Knoxville restaurant

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – The restaurant with the lowest grade of the week was serving food with date marks that were expired. Several risk factor violations were noted in the inspector’s report that will require a follow-up inspection.

Asian Kitchen, 8511 Kingston Pike – Grade: 83

While an 83 is a passing score, multiple violations were found.

The inspector writes that he found multiple ready-to-eat foods with no date marks on them. Date marking is required by health rules and is used as a means of controlling the growth of listeria, a bacteria that continues to slowly grow even at refrigerated temperatures.

If food is held over for 24 hours in the refrigerator, it must be used within seven days, but if there are no date marks, it’s a guessing game which isn’t allowed

Also, at Asia Kitchen raw chicken was improperly stored over ready-to-eat food. That invites the possibility of cross-contamination if some of the bacteria filled juices from the raw chicken accidentally spills onto the ready-to-serve food.

Some food in the cooler was found on the floor. It’s supposed to be stored at least six inches off the floor or up on shelves.

The inspector says the cooler was also dirty and he when he checked knives, the meat slicer and other equipment, they were dirty with food debris. They had not been properly washed, cleaned, and sanitized as required.

Asia Kitchen will be re-inspected in a few weeks.

More online: Read this week’s full inspection reports [PDF]

No re-inspections will be necessary at the top scoring restaurants.

Top scores of the week:

  • Rafferty’s, 8906 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Calhoun’s on Bearden Hill, 4515 Kingston Pike  – Grade: 100
  • Barbaritos, 215 Brookview Center Way – Grade: 100
  • Big Kahuna Wings, 12828 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Rami’s Cafe, 3533 Broadway – Grade: 100
  • Burger King, 27806 Broadway – Grade: 100
  • Sonic Drive-In, 3307 Broadway – Grade: 100
  • Sonic Drive-In, 5003 Millertown Pike – Grade: 100
  • Taco Bell, 7414 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Captain D’s, 9335 Kingston Pike – Grade: 100
  • Shoney’s, 100 Walker Springs Blvd. – Grade: 99
  • Happy Garden, 1510 N Cherry Street – Grade: 99

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