Knox County church reaches out to families after 3 Farragut High School suicides

FARRAGUT (WATE) – A Knox County church shared a message of hope and outreach to families Wednesday night after three suicides this semester at Farragut High School.

First Baptist Concord pastors wanted to share what to do when there’s an emotional crisis at home, a biblical look at suicide, and starting a deeper conversation with your teen in the hopes of creating a relationship so they don’t feel alone.

“We’ve walked alongside those students who, their friends committed suicide, and so we’re just loving them, being a person they can talk to,” said First Baptist Concord Student Pastor Marcus Eaves.

“[Parents] have come saying, ‘Okay this is getting kind of scary. We’ve had a lot of this lately. what do we do?'” said Care and Counseling Pastor Victor Lee.

While there is fear, the church hopes to do something about it, using it to answer the many questions they’ve received.

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“If a Christian commits suicide, do they go to hell? No. there’s not an ounce of scripture, not a line, not a word that would suggest that. In fact, it would suggest the opposite. Now we can’t use that as an excuse either. God gives. God takes away in his timing. He doesn’t like for us to make selfish choices. Ultimately suicide is a selfish act,” said Lee.

Wednesday night’s meeting was about being proactive.

“We want the parents to help create the environment where the students can feel open and free to talk about what they’re struggling with,” Lee said.

Pastors say there are tools when handling isolation, depression, sadness and suicide, all of which start with love.

“The sooner you can talk about your struggles in your life, the better and faster we can come to a solution and talk through those things and find a remedy,” said Eaves.

There’s always a reminder to those who are struggling that life is valuable.

“1 Corinthians 10:13 tells us that ‘There’s no temptation that is not common to man, but with that temptation, God is faithful and will always provide a way of escape so that you will be able to endure it,'” Eaves said.

First Baptist Concord planned to put a video version of the meeting online, along with materials they shared with parents.

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