Emergency alert system helps locate missing Anderson County 4-year-old

HEISKELL, Tenn. (WATE) – The Anderson County Sheriff’s Department said they were able to reunite a missing boy with his parents using the CodeRed Alert system.

The boy’s name is Logan. His father Damion Russell says the boy’s pup, named Eagle, went wandering off Friday morning and Logan followed and within just minutes Logan was gone. He was lost in the woods.


“It was the scariest feeling of my life. I kept thinking I was going to find my little boy not with us anymore,” said Russell.

After a short search, Damion Russell and his wife called authorities. Helicopters and bloodhounds were used in the search. Anderson County’s 911 Director Regina Copeland says an emergency alert was sent out.

“They, from the scene, determined that it would benefit to send out a Code Red alert. We went in and put that to go out to a five-mile radius,” said Russell.Everyone, within the

Everyone, within the five-mile radius, who has a land line received the alert. People in Anderson County who have cell phones need to sign up to get the notifications. The alerts come via phone call, text or email.

After missing for several hours, four-year-old Logan eventually knocked on a door and told the man who answered that he missed his mom. The man who answered the door says thanks to the alert he immediately knew it was the missing boy and called 911.

“He’s got a few scratches, a few little bug bites but nothing major. We got lucky and because of the alert system that was in place people got alerts and when my little boy was pulled back with the dog to someone’s house they had the alerts on their phones,” said Russell.

The notification system is available to all Anderson County residents living in rural areas of the county as well as Oak Ridge, Clinton, Norris Oliver Springs and Rocky Top. The notification system goes to all land lines. It will also send a text alert or automated phone message for anyone that signs up for the service.

“While a calling database has been created by extracting information from computerized files and other public record sources, it is certain that not all phone numbers of residents and residential and business property owners within the county were entered. We ask that you help us update this information for your benefit,” said Chief Deputy Mark Lucas with Anderson County Sheriff’s Department.

If you reside or own property within the boundaries of Anderson County and would like to receive CodeRED emergency messages, you can signup online. Lucas said use a physical Anderson County 911 address, not a post office or out of town address.

Anyone that would like to be removed from the list may call the Anderson County Emergency Communications District at 865-463-8160.

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