Power restored in areas of Sevier County after four days without power

GATLINBURG (WATE)- Four days after storms caused hundreds of home to lose power, it has all been restored.

“It seems like it’s happening a little bit more often than it used to. We just had the fires back in November, then we’ve got wind in May. Usually got a lot of wind in spring.” said Rick Cate, Supervisor of Safety and Training with Seiver County Electric.

Crews from Sevier County Electric and Service Electric worked nearly around the clock to bring all power outages back into service. Between the two, there were 35 crews ranging from 3-6 workers on sites throughout Sevier County.

“In the late eighties, that was similar to this one that hit the Wears Valley area. In the Cobbly Nob area, it was like 106-miles per hour winds. It was a lot similar to this. This one, was probably one of the worst recently.” said Cate.

Cate says he is thankful so many homeowners had patience with these teams, working to remove trees from power lines and reconnect lines to working power poles.

“It tends to, when trees get on it [Hendrix power lines], it tends to break poles. Instead of just the lines. We had some areas where we had poles that were broke.” said Cate.

One local near the Glades Road area says he is glad a tree in the front yard fell away from the home, instead of on it.

“Another gust came through and it just came down. I think that’s what got these cables here, tore these down.” said Marcus Watson.

Watson says the house was without power for four days, starting Thursday, after strong winds took two trees into power lines near the home.

Watson said, “I’m just glad, grateful that they were around to help.”

Sunday night, all areas in Sevier County affected by Thursday storms had working power again.

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