Princess projects helps prom dreams come true in Knox County

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Saturday night Bearden and Powell High School students attended prom and thanks to the Princess Project, some girls didn’t have to go without dresses.

Lindsay Maples created the Princess Project by collecting donated dresses, shoes and time from hair makeup artists.

She says the cause is one close to her heart.

“My senior year my parents divorced, so it was financially hard on us,” said Maples. “It was just a promise that I gave God that one day I would be able to pay it forward so today’s that day.”

Saturday afternoon makeup and hair stylist offered services free of charge.

Conni Dykes says she loves doing hair and makeup and just wanted to help in any way she could.

“It makes me so happy to just know that I’m helping someone and I’m making them feel good and making them feel happy.”

Dozens of girls attended the event. Powell High School Senior Brianna Harris says she is extremely grateful or the opportunity.

“This is what I needed, I don’t have to worry about paying for a whole bunch of stuff, even my prom dress wasn’t as expensive as I thought so this has been a blessing honestly.”

Maples says she hopes to continue the project next year and be able to open it up to other Knox County schools.

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