House GOP resolves differences over Tennessee spending plan

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – What a difference a day makes on Tennessee’s Capitol Hill as a divided House just 18 hours earlier came together Friday morning to pass Tennessee’s $37.1 billion state budget.

A rare coalition of the chamber’s most conservative Republicans and the outnumbered Democrats worked together to successfully slow down the process on Thursday.

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Both the Republican conservatives and the Democrats wanted to make a point they had not been heard during the long budget process, but by Friday morning, both sides felt they had largely made their point.

Members, both privately and publicly, said much of Thursday’s impasse centered on talk about a deal to get Democrat votes on Governor Haslam’s IMPROVE ACT, while $150 million for a Kindergarten through 12th grade school endowment fund would go in the budget.

With Thursday behind them, the House first stripped off more than $300 million in amendments that put the budget out of balance when the House recessed on Thursday–including the money for the school endowment.

The Senate is expected to pass the House budget when it returns Monday.

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