His name is Darth Vader… really! But he won’t give in to The Dark Side

(Photo: Local Memphis)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (localmemphis.com) – May the fourth be with you! On Star Wars day, a worker at St. Francis Hospital-Bartlett received a lot of attention. Meet Darth Vader Williamson.

Williamson is a surgical technician who could have been taken by the dark side. Instead, he chose a life of helping people.

Believe it or not, this Darth Vader isn’t a big Star Wars fan. He says his parents are.

Williamson says his passion is helping others. “The name is famous within itself. I’m just a carrier of the name. But you know people want to associate a face with it other than the character Darth Vader so that’s me.”

Darth Vader Williamson also works with the hospital’s robots and technology, including a new multi-dimensional imaging system called the O-Arm, the first of its kind in the Memphis area.

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