Very superstitious: Tennessee softball team explains routines

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – As the University of Tennessee team will tell you, softball is a game of superstitions. Some are for pitching.

“Every time I get the ball back, I brush the dirt off where I landed and then I brush the dirt off where my foot pushed off. Then I turn around and I pick up dirt, and then I get the signal and I wipe off the dirt,” said sophomore pitcher Matty Moss. “And then I pitch.”

Some superstitions are really beauty routines.

“Before every game I have to make sure my hair looks perfect. If it doesn’t look good, then I feel like I don’t play well,” said redshirt freshman Taylor Rowland.

And some are a little out there.

“I put my left sock on and then I put my right sock on. I put my left cleat on then I put my right cleat on. Then, I tie the left one and then I tie the right one,” said sophomore catcher Abby Lockman.

Although quirky, unique and unconventional, for every superstition, there’s a good reason.

“If I’m not throwing my best I always have my routine that I can rely on,” said Moss.

“You’re just out there and you have time to think and I think these little superstitions just slow everything down for you,” said junior Scarlet McSwain.

“With all habits or superstitions that you do, it makes you feel like good in your mind and it makes you feel confident,” said Lockman. “I think that’s why I do it, just to know that I did my little thing and so today I’m going to go do great things out there.”

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