Tad Cummins being transferred to Tennessee custody

In this April 20, 2017 photo released by the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office is Tad Cummins. A 15-year-old Tennessee student who was allegedly kidnapped by her teacher and taken to California is back home, a lawyer for the girl's family said Friday, April 21, 2017. The girl is being evaluated and treated by mental health experts specializing in trauma, lawyer Jason Whatley said in a press release. Authorities credit the caretaker of a remote northern California property for helping police find her and arrest her alleged abductor, fired teacher Tad Cummins. (Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office via AP)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN/WATE) – ABC News has confirmed former teacher Tad Cummins in the process of being transferred back to Tennessee to face charges of kidnapping his 15-year-old Maury County student.

Cummins has been in federal custody since he was arrested April 20.

Assistant federal defender Ben Galloway, based in Sacramento, California, told ABC News Wednesday, “I can confirm that he left at about 7:30 on Tuesday evening. I don’t have details about his travel — that information is generally not disclosed.”

Galloway said Cummins will appear in court shortly after his arrival in Tennessee, but he couldn’t say when that would be. He also clarified that Cummins was not being extradited, but rather being transferred “from one federal district to another.”

Authorities say Cummins “planned and executed an audacious scheme,” ultimately wanting to take the girl to Mexico “and beyond for his own purposes.”

He’s accused of traveling in disguise and using various techniques to avoid law enforcement, including taking back roads to travel through 9 states, disabling the GPS on his wife’s 2015 Nissan Rogue, and switching the license plate twice.

Cummins also allegedly admitted to employing measures to elude capture, such as using aliases for both himself and the teen, leaving a deliberately misleading note to his wife, and monitoring news outlets through a device he purchased while on the run.

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