Rejected Tennessee license plates: Give up folks

KNOXVILLE (WATE) – Many Tennesseans choose to pay a higher fee to stand out among other drivers.

The Tennessee Department of Revenue receives requests for personalized license plates for automobiles and motorcycles.

For your license plate to be accepted, it must fit these qualifications:

  • have between three to seven characters for a regular automobile plate
  • have between three to six characters for a regular motorcycle plate
  • have a three to four or five characters depending on the specialty plate

Even with those qualifications, the department has the ability to deny your request. Here are some creative requests that were rejected in 2016 and the beginning of this year.

Sorry applicant, the state is able to spell. Don’t know what it means? Use a mirror.


Using a number is not going to help, give up. 





The roads need to be a family-friendly place, keep it PG. 


Sir Mix-A-Lot and Lil’ Jon wouldn’t be able to get this approve either.


Don’t even try to say it is referencing to a fighter plane or Dodge.


It’s not going to happen, stop trying to make this plate happen. 


How many times can you use the same word…and still get rejected? 

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